Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality Packages

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Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality Packages

The Monaco Grand Prix is the biggest and most popular event in the entire formula one’s racing itinerary.  If you want to see multiple races, or if you have VIP needs, then you’re going to want a decent hospitality package.

Monaco Grand Prix hospitality packages come in many different forms to suit a number of different budgets and requirements. The hospitality packages are designed to make everything related to the Grand Prix memorable for years to come.

People who have hospitality packages are offered a whole host of services that would otherwise have to be meticulously planned and funded.  If you’re planning on attending the Monaco Grand Prix, then you’re most likely a petrol head who loves your cars. You also probably have a family or a limited budget, meaning you have no funding or requirements to own an expensive supercar. Monaco Grand Prix hospitality packages give you the chance to rent your very own supercar for the trip to Monaco. The car will pull up outside your house, and you will be given the keys. You are now free to drive the car on your trip to Monaco, and it will even be transported back to the dealer for you when the event is over. There is a large choice of supercars to choose from, including Ferraris and Lamborghinis, you even get the option to drive back to the UK yourself if you can’t bear the thought of leaving the car.

The Monaco Grand Prix hospitality packages also grant you a whole host of VIP features. You can stay in a luxury apartment, eat the finest food, and even attend a private yacht party. On your journey to Monaco you have a large number of five star hotels and restaurants to choose from, meaning every step of the way you ride in style and feel like an absolute boss.  The half-way point of the journey boats a beautiful five star French hotel.

Whilst at the Grand Prix, you will get multiple nights in the most premium of terraces, with the absolute best views of the race.

The hospitality packages are designed specifically around your needs. You can chose where you stay, how long you stay for, which way you drive, you name it. Any request can be made for your grand prix hospitality package and every person who uses one is treat like a rock-star.

The Monaco Grand Prix is an undeniably awe inspiring, even life changing event. A hospitality package can make the entire process feel like a dream. You can drive the car you have been aspiring for your entire life, and stay in premises that you thought were only reserved for the rich and famous. You get the best views of the race, and the best food. Every leg off the journey falls under the hospitality package, meaning no matter where you are or what you would like to do, your hospitality package will just about cover it. A hospitality package for the Monaco Grand Prix makes the difference between visiting a great motoring event, and taking the holiday of a lifetime.