Camping Survival Skills : 4 Skills to Master

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As you’ve probably noticed, outdoor survival shows are currently very much in fashion, as you seemingly can’t switch on your TV, without coming across some kind of TV show, based upon camping survival skills. For many of us, the thought of being lost in the wilderness may be an unrealistic one, especially if you don’t have that much of an interest in the great outdoors, but even so, as the saying goes ‘failure to prepare is preparing to fail’. If you are interested in camping and outdoor activities however, the likelihood of you finding yourself stranded in the wild is increased pretty exponentially. To help provide you with the best possible chances of surviving if you were to find yourself in this situation, take a look at these 4 simple camping survival skills to master, and who knows, one day, they may even save your life.

Starting a Fire without Matches

OK, now before anybody tries being clever, we should also state the fact that starting a fire without matches, AND a lighter, should also be at the top of your list of priorities. If you find yourself lost in the wild, or even if you just feel like a challenge for your next camping trip, try to master the art of starting a fire using natural materials, and no, matches and lighters are not natural. Begin by finding dry wood, stack it in a dry spot ranging in size from small twigs, through to large logs. Next, take the time to find some kindling and tinder. Dry hay, tiny twigs, and even old fabric lint can be used. Your next job is to start the fire. You could try the bow and drill method, you could try using a battery and foil, or you may even wish to use a piece of glass or a mirror to magnify the sun. Once you have an ember, place it inside your tinder nest, gently blow it until it catches fire, and then feed it with tiny twigs, getting bigger and bigger.

camping survival skills

Find Clean Water

If you are lost in the wild, finding clean drinking water is essential. Even if the water looks clean however, you should still boil it to ensure you destroy any germs of toxins. Try climbing a tree or getting to high ground, and seeing whether or not you can find a stream or river.

Building Shelter

Remember, if you are lost in the wild, you aren’t guaranteed to have a tent with you, so you may need to build yourself some shelter. Shelter will help keep you warm and it will help protect you from potential predators and animals in general. Use strong and sturdy wood, bind it together using strong vines and any other materials you can find, and don’t forget to finish off the roof with plenty of leaves to help protect you from the rain.

First Aid

If you anticipate the possibility of finding yourself lost in the wild, first aid training before you embark on your trip is essential. You should carry a first aid kit with you at all times, and you should learn the basics so that you can treat yourself, or others, if injury does occur.

Commercial Cleaning Service Bristol for your Business

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One aspect of running a business that you simply cannot afford to overlook is keeping your premise clean and tidy. Although the emphasis on cleanliness is more enhanced when you operate a food outlet, any office or other workplace should be kept clean and tidy at all times. A clean office represents a reliable business and one where you will attract more customers, commercial cleaning services Bristol allowing you to keep on top of the work.

When you run a business, you can be forgiven for not having the time or energy to be cleaning at the end of a long day, and you can also be forgiven if cleaning is not one of your strong points. What you need to remember however is that you clients will judge you by your own appearance and also be the impression your office or store gives. Dirty windows and floors will make your outlet look dull, and people simply won’t want to come in the door. Below are some of the commercial cleaning services Bristol you should consider for your premise.

Window Cleaning

No one really likes cleaning windows, and unless you are a professional in the business you can often end up smearing your windows and making them look worse than before you started. When you employ your Bristol commercial cleaning experts for the task, they will safely clean even high rise windows, allowing them to shine and attract customers from far and wide.

commercial cleaning services Bristol

Office Contract Cleaning

An office may not get as dirty as a food outlet, but you still need to ensure that your workplace is looking clean at all times. Commercial cleaning services Bristol experts can offer you contract cleaning for your office that will include the floors, windows, and communal areas, leaving your office looking great at the start and end of the day. Choose from daily or weekly cleaning, and choose an out of hour’s service that will ensure that there is no disruption to your workplace.

Deep Cleansing of Food Premises

A food premise will get very dirty every single day of the year. At the end of the day you will wipe down the surfaces and mop the floors, but you won’t have time to move out all free standing fixtures and fittings to clean behind them. A deep cleanse of your food premise should be ordered at least once every six months depending on just how dirty your kitchen gets. For example, a premise that fries a lot of food will get dirtier a lot quicker than a simple sandwich shop. Your commercial cleaning services Bristol experts can cut through grease and grime, using the most up to date technology to ensure that your premise is hygienic and will pass any on the spot exam that may be carried out by health and safety officials.

These are just a few of the services available from Bristol experts. You can also use your local experts for janitorial supplies, and for cleaning the exterior areas of your building, your hotel, or even your tennis courts.

Reasons to Choose a Career with Structural Engineers Bristol

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When choosing a career, whether it is a first career or a switch from one career to another, there are many choices and many decisions to make. A fulfilling career is what makes a person happy in their work life, and can be the difference between an overall happy life and one where you dread getting up in the morning to go to work. When you are looking at a career change, a job with structural engineers Bristol could tick many of the boxes you are looking for.

One reason that many people become tired of their current jobs is that their job lacks variety. If you are someone who likes to be on the move, then a job in an office where you are faced with the same surroundings every single day is not the job for you. A career with structural engineers Bristol however can see you working on several different sites around the city every month, and depending on your actual desires it can take you further afield and even abroad.

When you examine the infrastructure of our cities, you will see constant developments going on around you. As the population grows, there is need for bigger and better buildings, and stronger structures. These structures can include a new hospital, a new multi storey car park, or a new road bridge. All these types of structures are created with the help of structural engineers as well as the architect and the building team that is assigned to the job. What this means is that structural engineers Bristol are in constant demand, and a job in structural engineering can provide you with a career where you will not have to worry about not being able to find work.

structural engineers bristol

Structural engineers are highly regarded in the local community as well as further afield, and this regard is reflected in the salary earned by structural engineers Bristol. A career in structural engineering can set you up for life, and allow you to live comfortably with your family. Unlike other jobs that may be seasonal, or have no scope for promotion, it is also possible for you to climb the career ladder in structural engineering. You may choose to enter the engineering field straight from school or college, or you can study engineering. What is important here is that it is possible to switch to a career in structural engineering without any prior training. Training for structural engineering can be given whilst you are working, allowing you to work your way up in a field of engineering that is forever changing and becoming more and more exciting.

These are just some of the reasons why you may choose a career in structural engineering. A job as a structural engineer will be rewarding and fulfilling, and is the perfect choice for people who love to move around with their job. So, if you are sick of your day to day existence or simply looking for a career to start out in that will be rewarding, structural engineering could be for you.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Wrought Iron Balconies

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At times, you may want to update the overall appearance of your home. This may include adding a balcony or two, or replacing the existing one. Read on to find out more about some minimalist looking balconies.

Wrought Iron BalconiesSome people think that wrought iron balconies are an architecture style that is stuck somewhere in the 20th century. However this idea couldn’t be more wrong, especially because wrought iron has been used for centuries Especially in Europe. What most of us don’t know is that most iron items dating back to the 10th century were made of this type of iron. It is no wonder it is still being used for a wide array of purposes. Architects and designers are always thinking of ways of how to update and modernize elements that have been popular in the past, are still stylish, but need some fresh and modern look.

It is very important to carefully choose the manufacturer of your wrought iron and of any other materials you want your balcony to be made of. Poor quality materials will not last long, and the repairs or replacement will cost nearly a fortune. If you’re on this page it means you are considering installing a balcony made of wrought iron. Make sure you also hire the best team in town for the best results. Of course the process is rather complicated, but the result is well worth the effort. Wrought iron balconies can be installed at any room, kitchen, or even living, depending on how is your house build.

Most wrought iron balconies can be custom made with a design of your choice. However keep in mind that the provider already has several designs already waiting for you to look at. Choosing a “pre-made” design will cut down from the final price. This type of balcony usually has a wooden deck that you may refer to as floor. Clearly, you can choose almost any material for the deck. Based on your budget, you can choose a type or another of roof. The most common one is the one using modern glass reminiscent of the Art Deco decorating style. Sure this style is very old and looks retro, but there are still many people who enjoy it for its romantic appearance.

If you look at pictures of various wrought iron balconies you will notice how many of them are connected to the garden below with a flight of stairs. Of course, the stairs would be made in the same style and with the same design as the balcony itself. Sometimes you can’t afford the stairs, don’t want them, or it’s not possible to install them. In such a situation the balcony would have some sort of support from underneath. This type of support can be very discreet from above and quite detailed from underneath.

Usually the size of these balconies doesn’t matter. Some can be large and strong enough to hold a table with some chairs. Others can be big enough to allow just a chair.

How to Go About your Removals in Bristol

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Removals in BristolWhen you are moving house, you will have plenty of things on your mind. You will be dreaming of your new home and wondering just where to put all your furniture and possessions; you will also be thinking about how you will get all your things to your new home. Many people choose to hire a van themselves for local removals; this however really is not the best thing to do when discussing removals in Bristol.

Hiring a van for the job, or enlisting the help of a friend who has a large car or van is trouble from the outset; tensions can fray, you will spend a lot of time lifting heavy things, and there is always the danger that something may get broken along the way. Even when you are physically fit you should avoid lifting heavy goods yourself; one foul move and you could do some serious damage to your spine.

Removals in Bristol should be carried out by your local team of removals experts; the experts know just how to shift and move things in quick time without damaging anything and without anyone getting hurt. When you enlist the services of your local removals in Bristol team your good will be insured in transit, and everything will run smoothly and take up far less of your time.

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to the next street, next town, or nationwide, your removals in Bristol experts have the right size van for you and the best team for the job. Offering a service seven days a week, your Bristol movers can help you with your house move at a weekend, and you will be happy with the price you pay. National companies are renowned for being expensive, bad time keepers, and they certainly do not provide you with the same friendly service that you will receive from your local removals in Bristol experts.

When you are moving house, put a stop to all thoughts of trying to carry out the task yourself. With a wide range of sizes of vans and services, your local Bristol movers can help you with your relocation when it suits you best and for a price that you can really afford. With public liability insurance and a friendly service that is affordable, your local movers are who you need to rely on when you are moving house.

Moving house needn’t be a nightmare when you are well organized and when you have a team of removal experts that you know you can rely on. From helping you with your packing to doing all the heavy lifting for you, you can enjoy a stress-free move and a relocation that you will remember for all the right reasons. Enjoy a happy and hassle free move when you use your Bristol local movers for the job, moving house when you need to and with the size of van that will really suit your needs. From small items to whole houses full of furniture, your local Bristol team really have your house move covered.

Make Access Easy with Modular Steps

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When you own a building that has no easy access for the disabled, it is important that you make entering and exiting as easy as possible for people with mobility issues. For people who have limited mobility but are still able to walk with the aid of a frame or walking stick, modular steps are a great fixture that can simply cover over the top of your original steps.

Modular StepsPeople with limited mobility who use a walking frame or stick will still be able to tackle steps; but only steps that are shallow and have a secure handrail on both sides. Modular steps will fit over the top of any normal stairs, and they will simply make life so much easier for the less able walker. Introducing steps that are shallow means giving walkers a great way to get up stairs without having to bend their knees too much; each step will be easy to manage.

When you introduce modular steps to your building, the steps can be adjusted to the exact levels you require; you can adjust the steps to be as low as 75mm each. As a modular staircase will fit over the top of your existing stairs, it will cover steep and dangerous stairs easily and will provide a much simpler way for people to access your building.

Modular steps can become a permanent fixture to your home or they can be installed and taken away in just minutes. You can take your modular stairs with you when you go on holiday, and it is even possible to add them to a caravan or motor home. Your goal when you have someone with limited mobility trying to access your home is to make the stairs that lead to the building shallow rather than steep; this is easily achievable with modular stairs.

Modular steps can be provided by your local mobility experts; made of the best non slip materials they will be safe for stick and frame users, and there will be no danger of slipping even when it is raining. Brick and stones steps can be hard to tackle even for an able bodied person when it is raining or when there is ice on the ground; hundreds of people slip down stairs ever day. When you cover over your dangerous stairwell with modular stairs you are preventing accidents from happening and you can rest assured that people with limited mobility will be able to enter and exit your building.

Contact your mobility access specialists today about fitting modular steps at your home, building, or other premise. Your steps can be a permanent fixture or they can simply be brought out and put away when necessary. Forget struggling with the elderly who are trying to come into your premise for a special event or your elderly relative who wants to come on holiday with you; fit a modular stair case and you can wave goodbye to all your mobility issues in a minute as your visitors simply go up and down the slip free stairs you provide with ease.

Things To Know About Carpet Cleaners

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carpet cleanersHousehold items get dirty from time to time, even when they are still in good condition. If you have a large family and use indoor carpets, they are probably getting stained quite often. You don’t need to go through the hassle of buying a new carpet every time the old one gets dirty. Opt for a professional cleaning services instead, and your carpet’s condition could be restored.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t clean your carpet at home. For starters, a regular vacuum will not remove all the dirt and the stains properly. The carpet cleaners use professional methods and techniques that allow deep cleansing. The vacuum you have at home could not reach beyond the surface and thus the cleaning will not be optimal.

When searching for carpet cleaners services, make sure to ask about their experience. You can find a firm that worked in the field for 20 or 30 years, and this will give you the security their services are reliable. An older company will also have a website that you can read for more info. Before making a booking, you should always ask about the fees and techniques.

Many people think that hiring a carpet cleaners firm will be costly. While this might be true in some cases, getting your carpet deep cleansed can actually be quite cheap. Furthermore, the procedure will also save you time. If you choose to clean your own carpet, you may ruin it and the end result might not be what you think. Opting for a professional service could help you get more time to enjoy other activities.

Hiring carpet cleaner teams is not only time saving but also convenient. Maybe you suffer from asthma, or have a family member who does. A dusty environment is not healthy and can cause the condition to worsen. A carpet cleaning firm uses technologies that remove all the dust, animal waste or debris.

The team of carpet cleaners can come to your door, or they can can pick up the carpet and take it to their location. This depends on the company and the way they work. The cleaning firms use various techniques that remove odor but also make the process non toxic. Many companies use a technique called truckmount, which makes the cleaning operations eco friendly. This type of steam cleaning is extremely powerful and can remove even the oldest stains off a carpet. The smells sometimes return later on if the carpet has not been cleaned well, and you are probably familiar with this if you did your own cleaning.

Generally, the staff working for a carpet cleaning company is trained and experienced in the field. The cleaning team has years of experience working with carpets and household items, and know which are the best methods to ensure a proper cleaning. Keeping in good health is also important, and more people nowadays are trying to stay environmentally conscious.

In the end, deciding is up to you, so make sure you have enough information before calling on a carpet cleaner team.

Ultimate Five Star Hotels in Abu Dhabi

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Five Star Hotels in Abu DhabiWhile Abu Dhabi is known for its luxury, it’s also a remarkably inexpensive place to travel to for ultimate five star hotels. These days they are having large discounts and even at the peak of business, it is still inexpensive comparably because the hotels are all very competitive with each other. Here is a comprehensive list for you to discover comprised of the highest quality accommodations to try out for the ultimate five star hotels in Abu Dhabi.

The Emirates Palace: An Arabian Fantasy

The Emirates Palace, West Corniche in Abu Dhabi is the perfect example of an ultimate five star hotel. Starting off with a spectacular white sanded beach that stretches out over 1.3 kilometres and is completely private for guests of the Emirates Palace only and going on to 14 restaurants and luxury accommodations, this is truly an amazing hotel.

Family Friendly Splendour

It is frequently described as magical and that’s for a good reason. Here, you will feel like royalty and so will your family when you stay. They are family friendly and have an epic fun centre for children that is certain to delight even the toughest young critic. This hotel thinks of everything for its guests so that you can have the vacation of a lifetime. If you’re looking for a mega vacation, start with the Emirates Palace and you will not be disappointed. It’s an Arabian fantasy that you will never forget! This is a prime example of ultimate five star hotels in Abu Dhabi.

The Shangri-La: Your Gateway to Luxury

The Shangri-La, Al Maqtaa is rated seven stars and is one of the most luxuriant hotels in the world. You can cruise the traditionally styled shops in a gondola or swim in one of the many pools. Whatever you do, you can be assured that you will be lavished with luxury in one of the world’s ultimate five star hotels. The Shangri-La Hotel Abu Dhabi features one kilometre of private beach and has 213 luxurious suites. Each room has a balcony or terrace and is thoroughly modern in the Arabic style. The balconies give a glorious view of the private beach and sunsets and sunrises behind Arabic domes and minarets are worth stepping out onto the balcony for.

Private Villa and other facilites

There is a private villa that can be rented out which features four bedrooms and a private swimming pool. This extravagant hotel is located comfortably on 8.5 hectares that provides many services and facilities including CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La, two gymnasiums, a swimming pool and a yoga room. There are four different swimming pools and a traditional ‘Souk’ market built in a modern surrounding that has many shops all under one roof. Uniquely connected with waterways, you can coast from shop to shop in a gondola while enjoying the beautifully manicured gardens. The Shangri-La offers true luxury and all the amenities. When starting your search for five star hotels in Abu Dhabi, look no further than our helpful list.


Monaco Hotels France

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Monaco Hotels FranceMonaco hotels France are not ones to do modestly. In fact, Monaco is known as the “playground of the rich and the famous” and welcomes the most glamorous people on the earth. The surprise part is that even ordinary mortals can get into the hotels in Monaco France.

Monaco hotels in France are a tourist destination in themselves. In fact, they have a host of activities to do, once a person steps inside them. Whether it is checking out the yachts from your hotel or whether it is taking a look at the hotel that was made famous by the DreamWorks animation movie Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. You could even try your luck at the casino that was made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Monte Carlo when in the Monte Carlo hotel. Inside the hotel, you can swim or indulge in any other activities including playing badminton with your near and dear ones or simply indulge your taste buds in the local seafood that the hotel has to offer.

Once you are outside the hotel, you will never run out of activities to do. You can either go fishing or indulge in some sun. The Larvotto beach is a haven for those who want to enjoy a bit of the sun and the sand. If you have had too much of the sun, then you can rent your own boat and enjoy some activities in the water. You could even visit the Musee Oceanographique de Monaco, which houses beautiful sea life. There are even Japanese gardens, which are well-kept and where you could go for a relaxing afternoon or visit the Monte Carlo Harbor. There are a number of spas you could go to in order to enjoy a relaxing massage. The Jardin de animalier or the Monte Carlo zoo is a small zoo with a beautiful collection of animals and birds in it that are native to France. Touring the city in a private limousine is also a great option for you to enjoy the vistas of the city. You could also tour the city in a tourist bus that specially caters to tourists. The orchestra philharmonic of Monte Carlo presents concerts that are music to one’s ears. The opera of Monte Carlo also makes for great entertainment for those who love drama.

The top Monte Carlo hotels France have about 2,600 rooms and suites in them. The topmost hotel of all Monaco hotels France has, in fact, got about 80 restaurants inside it alone. Constructed 4 hectares above the sea-level, the Monte Carlo hotels are an incredible alchemy of fantasy and fairy tale, in that they have a pleasant milieu and give their clients an experience that they can never forget.

The Monte Carlo group of hotels is an award winning group that has often been featured in the Gold List of the Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Of course, it goes without saying that the hotels would have to be top quality for customers to like them.

Why choose the F1 Paddock Club for your race track experience

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F1 Paddock ClubWatching the Formula 1 is a lifetime experience, and when you choose to watch it live from one of many locations all over the globe, you will really enjoy the intensity of the race. Hospitality packages make for the very best race viewing, travel packages including everything you need from your flights and accommodation to entrances to the famous F1 Paddock Club and Amber Lounge.

The F1 Paddock club can be booked separately or as part of your travel package, and with the very best viewing for the race and free flowing champagne and refreshments, it will turn your Formula 1 experience into one that you really will remember for a lifetime. The Paddock Club offers you the best race viewing from air conditioned private viewing boxes as well as silver service dining and the chance to meet the stars.

The F1 Paddock Club is the VIP option that will allow you to be treated like a queen or king during your stay at your Formula 1 destination. With ear defenders, a race programme, and the chance to sit right above the pits to watch the race, your motor racing experience really will be one to remember. Paddock Club members will also enjoy the chance to go down into the pit lanes before the race and meet the stars of the show as well as joining them for the party of the century in the famous Amber lounge.

The Amber lounge hosts the after party to end all parties, and when you choose Monaco as your Formula 1 destination, you can choose to party with the stars either in the Paddock Club lounge or onboard super yachts in the famous Monte Carlo marina. The Amber lounge sets the stage for the best VIP around, where you will rub shoulders not just with the stars of the race but with musicians, celebrities, and the rich and famous.

When you are planning a trip to watch the Grand Prix live in 2015, the F1 Paddock club will turn your trip into an experience of a lifetime. With the very best in silver service dining, you very own personal waiters, and champagne on tap whenever you want it, you can really kick back and relax and soak up the atmosphere of the race track. From the comfort of your air conditioned viewing box you will see the heat rise from the track as the cars burn rubber around the track.

Book your F1 Paddock club entrances online today, or combine them as part of a travel or hospitality package to the 2015 Grand Prix. With the finest in wining and dining, and the luxury of private viewing and the chance to mingle with the stars, your paddock club experience will be one that you want to repeat time and time again. From the Amber lounge after party to the silver service waiting, you will sit like king and queen right above the action, soaking up every second of the race and the after party that will finish of your stay in the best style possible.